The Design/Build method is the most efficient and cost-effective way to build a project. Design/Build promotes a team approach that includes the Design/Builder and the owner with the Design/Builder taking all of the risks for input and coordination of project details so the owner doesn’t have to

As the Design/Builder, Sullivan Construction works directly for the owner as the single point of contact. This enables us to manage the process efficiently, add value during the design phase and take all of the risks for the project from the owner. Realized cost savings are credited to the owner at the end of the project.

Summary of our Design/Build Services

  • Provide single-source responsibility and Project Management for all aspects of Design, Budgeting, Construction, Safety, Closeout, and Warranty Administration.
  • We are the owner’s agent, representing the owner’s interest.
  • Establish Design and Budgeting parameters with the owner at project onset.  We provide commitment for costs based on these parameters, and then manage the entire team to insure that parameters are met.
  • Suggest cost saving alternatives in design and materials.
  • Assist the owner with coordination of owner-related items.
  • Identify potential construction related challenges before they arise, and provide solutions.
  • Pre-qualify subcontractors and vendors, and solicit competitive bids for all aspects of the project.
  • Qualify and tabulate all bids, and present to the owner for review.
  • Make recommendations to the owner for contract awards.
  • Identify long-lead items and suggest methods of procurement beneficial to the overall project schedule and budget.
  • We carry Errors and Omissions insurance on all Design/Build projects.
  • Performance and Payment bonds are available, if requested.