Sullivan Construction, LLC elects not to self-perform any trade on Construction Management projects, with the exception of general carpentry and clean up.

As your Construction Manager, we believe strongly that our primary role is to represent the owner’s interests. Management of large labor forces can detract from this role.

Utilizing the expertise of subcontractors (instead of our own large labor force) simplifies the competitive bid process and protects the owner from hidden costs which other Construction Managers may conceal within direct labor, equipment, insurance, benefits, general conditions, etc. As a result, our net fees and costs are lower, clearly identified and easy to understand.

At Sullivan Construction, we work only with pre-qualified subcontractors who have proven track records. Our completion schedules become part of all subcontractors’ schedules. This ensures that a high standard of timely contract performance is sustained.

Our construction management philosophy

The Construction Manager (CM) works directly for the Owner, on a fee basis. We define our role as your CM as follows:

  • The Construction Manager is hired on an equal basis with the Architect, and provides a healthy check/balance for the Owner. The CM prepares and monitors the planning schedule showing key milestones such as Schematic Design, Interior Planning, Planning Board Submissions and approvals, etc, and informs the Owner how these affect the overall Project Schedule.
    • Act as the Owner's agent, representing the Owner's interests
    • Work with the design team, providing budget estimates during Design Development
    • Suggest cost saving alternatives in design and materials
    • Assist Owner with the coordination of Owner related items
    • Identify potential construction related problems which may arise, before they are encountered.
  • The earlier the CM is brought into the process, the greater the opportunity to take full advantage of all resources involved in the project.
  • The Construction Manager provides accurate budget information based upon detailed quantity take-offs, and historical cost data. This method of budgeting is much more accurate than square foot cost analysis.
  • After completion of Design and competitive bidding has taken place, the CM prepares a Guaranteed Maximum Price for the project. This minimizes the Owner's upside risk, while providing the benefits of savings realized from Value Engineering.
  • The Construction Manager provides continuous Project Management throughout Design Development, Permitting, and Construction. The CM will identify long lead items, and suggest methods of procurement, which will be beneficial to the overall project schedule and budget.
  • Pre-qualifies subcontractors and vendors, and then solicits competitive bids for all aspects of the project. The CM then qualifies and tabulates all bids, and presents them to the Owner for review. The CM will make recommendations for contract awards, but the Owner will have the final decision.

Construction Management Services Include

  • To create and monitor the planning schedule showing key milestones (Schematic Design, Interior Planning, Planning Board Submissions and Approvals, etc) and report to Owner, the impact of milestones on the overall Project Schedule
  • Coordinate a Civil, Architectural and Structural design
  • Consultant coordination
  • Schedule the project
  • Cost estimate the project
  • Value engineer the project

Upon completion of Design documents to a level not less than 80% complete; all subcontractor, material, and general conditions costs in excess of $5,000 are competitively bid, summarized, and presented to the owner for review. These costs are then used to determine the final project cost, which is the basis for the final contract amount.

The Construction Manager is responsible for all elements of construction; providing the owner with the single source of responsibility. The CM provides detailed cost reporting, scheduling, and project documentation. We adhere to an open-book policy as all project records and documentation are available for review by the Owner at any time.

Sullivan Construction, realized cost savings are credited to the owner. Here are some examples.  

Cardigan Mountain School – Canaan, NH

We credited the client $100,000 at the end of the project

 207 International Drive – Portsmouth, NH

We credited the developer $40,000 at completion.

 Wentworth Douglass Hospital – Dover, NH

We credited the developer/owner $600,000 at the completion of the shell portion of the project.