The management of Sullivan Construction recognizes the importance of safety and health and is committed to providing a workplace for our employees in which recognized hazards are controlled or eliminated.

We are recognized in the healthcare industry as a leader in administering our Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) policy. This comes as a result of years of working in the hospital and clinical environment.
We know how to safeguard the patients and staff while working in occupied spaces where people are at a higher risk of contamination from a construction workplace that may be contiguous or within an existing medical sphere.

To assure continuing knowledge, Sullivan employees take classes at Duke University and attend ASHE conferences in San Antonio, Texas. Because our ICRA policy has been so successful, we’ve even begun implementing it in non-medical construction environments. 

We value the  employees of our clients and our company and recognize the importance of a safe workplace and a hazard-free environment. Our complete safety and ICRA policies follow and are available for you to review:

Safety Policy and History