Sullivan Construction's Online Privacy Statement Highlights

Sullivan Construction, Inc., (SCI) is committed to safeguarding your privacy online. When you
visit our web site, you are able to surf the site anonymously while gathering valuable information
about the products and services we and our affiliates/partners provide.

At times, particularly when we give you access to certain information, SCI may ask you to
provide information about yourself by filling out and submitting an online form. It is completely
optional for you to do so. If you elect to complete and submit the form, SCI may require that
you provide your contact information, which may include your name, street address, e-mail
address or other personal or corporate identifying information.

When you submit personal/corporate information to SCI, it is never sold or rented to other companies. We collect this information in order to better understand your interest in our company and services, as well as to inform you of product and services updates, special offers, events,
and other service initiatives from SCI.

If you wish SCI to purge your information from our company database, please use the same
contact information stated above or call us at 603-647-1777 and ask for Web Services support.

We appreciate the importance of responsible use of the information you choose to provide.
If you have any questions regarding this policy, please feel free to email us or call us at the
number above.